Start of my career
My fascination with cars brought me to the Motor City - Detroit, the auto capital of the world. I was always intrigued by automobiles in my childhood and used to think of unique ideas for cars. This passion of mine urged me to pursue Automotive Engineering at Wayne State University, in Detroit Michigan. Soon after my studies, my dream was to work with the big three in the automobile industry - Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.

At Chrysler
My dream came true when I was employed by Daimler Chrysler Corporation. I worked at Chrysler for 13 years, holding various positions in automotive product development and presented multiple papers at international conferences on manufacturing and product development. I was a part of the Daimler Chrysler team that provided engineering solutions to pass front impact requirements needed to sell vehicles in Europe. I received Daimler Chrysler Certified Black Belt and numerous awards of excellence during my tenure at Chrysler. Though I enjoyed my time there, I always felt like something was missing.

How I became an entrepreneur
I always wanted to be a part of the big team, implement my ideas, bring measurable returns for the organization and gain recognition; but this never happened. I finally decided to stop chasing the ghost and live by my own ideas and goals. My urge to satisfy my creative mind, the fire to do something on my own, the sense of purpose and desire to make a difference paved my way into the world of entrepreneurs. I always believed I had that fire, now I just needed to listen to it.

My Role Models
I was inspired by my friend and mentor the late Frank D. Stella. Frank was a generous leader; a humble man with a helping mindset. Others I admire include Bill Clinton for his compassion, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates and the 'Sage of Omaha' Warren Buffett for his simplicity and personal frugality despite his immense wealth.

When it comes to innovation, former Apple CEO, the late Steve Jobs is legendary. The company slogan 'Think different' is a powerful and optimistic approach to innovation. The principles and innovative philosophies of these leaders have inspired me. I try to channel them in all my endeavours.