Employee Engagement- A Social Contract in the Workplace

Bill enters his cubicle and finds a note “Thank you Bill” along with a small box of chocolates. He looks around and then smiles.

“Ok team, we wind up the meeting early and here you have a surprise”- team is served a cocktail platter.

Well, such small gestures and unexpected surprises bring a dramatic change in the mood of an employee/team. The level of enthusiasm and happiness created by such surprise bonuses will leave a much more lasting impression and bring a sense of collaboration and engagement in the team and our business.

What is Employee Engagement?
Employee engagement is that the entire workforce is committed to the goals and values of the company, inspired to contribute to the organizational success, and at the same time strengthen their own sense of well-being. An engaged employee believes in the work they do and have a sense of purpose in their job. They are creative and innovative. They themselves grow within the organization and happily contribute to the growth of the company. When engaged leaders build trust, care about employees and demonstrate competence, the team will outperform and positively contribute. Engaged employees go an extra mile in loyalty and get their hearts and minds in the business.

Incorporating a little workplace fun can go a long way to ensure our employees enjoy being on the job. A quick break during the day to de-stress and energize themselves are essential and promotes workplace engagement. Sense of play, open communication and a little kindness can help spread smiles and good times at work. Simply put, Employee Engagement is a mutual commitment.