Encouraging Open Communication

Good communication is essential to everybody in all walks of life. “To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” - Anthony Robbins. Right communication facilitates positive outcomes and helps avoid the risk of misunderstanding and conflicts.

Organizations should foster a culture of open communication. When there is an open communication climate, employees become more willing to express their thoughts and ideas. In such a work environment people feel free to share information and discuss/ resolve conflicts openly. The basis of the open communication is trust. There should an environment of trust in the organization and leaders should take initiative to create a climate that is favourable to open and honest communication.

Employees should be well informed about their organization. Everybody should be on board and leaders need to ensure that the goals are clearly defined. When team members trust each other and discuss plans openly it makes it easier for them to work towards achieving a common goal.

Open and honest communication skill can be acquired or learnt. Greeting your colleagues with a pleasant “Hello!” “Good morning!”, a smile and a handshake; helps to build a comfortable and enjoyable working relationship. When somebody brings in new ideas, provides comments or suggestions; listen to what is being said and give appropriate feedback. Promptly respond to communication from others. Find out what your manager/supervisor expects from you. When people challenge and disagree with you, look for areas of agreement and get their perspectives. Make sure the entire team gets a chance to communicate their ideas. Always work to maintain trust and confidence of your peers and people you are working with. Little words of encouragement, recognizing people’s contributions and thanking a co- worker helps to foster a good communication.

Good communication means good business. It is absolutely critical that an organization practice honest open communication that facilitates information exchange at all levels. This helps to build trust and make employees feel comfortable to speak up. Right communication enables team members to contribute more and gives them a sense of belonging and dedication. Effective communication at the workplace has the energy and power to help the organization achieves greater progress.