Manage Your Energy and Revolutionize the Way You Live

Manage Your Energy and Revolutionize the Way You Live

Do you follow a marathon approach in life? Daily 10-12 hours of continuous work, hardly stopping to eat lunch or dinner and no time to exercise? Is this your lifestyle? Well if your answer is YES, its high time that you take the right steps to improve the quality of your professional and personal life.

Most of us are running after the wrong resource - the ‘TIME’. Stop chasing TIME and focus on your ENERGY. Remember time is a finite resource, but energy is available to us in various quantity and quality. Energy is defined as the capacity to work and comes from the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. In simple terms energy in human beings can be divided into four

● Physical energy – Health
● Emotional energy – Happiness
● Mental energy – Concentration
● Spiritual energy – Purpose in Life

Physical energy
Lack of food, exercise, sleep, and rest reduce people’s basic energy levels, as well as their ability to focus. Eat healthy and alter your diet by eating small meals every three hours, exercise daily and take mini breaks from your desk, at regular intervals throughout the day. These breaks are true ways to boost your energy, performance and mood.

Emotional energy
You tend to do your best when you are happy and feel positive. When people learn to cultivate positive energy, they can gain greater capacity to take control of their emotions. One simple way is to exhale slowly for five seconds. This induces relaxation. Expressing appreciation to others is yet another way to make both ends happy.

Mental energy
Stop multitasking and reduce the continuous disturbances like attending phone calls and e-mail. Fully focus on one activity at a time and take a true break before you begin the next job. When you arrive at work daily, make it a point to start off and concentrate on the highest priority challenge. This will make you feel more productive and happy.

Spiritual energy
Begin your day with a short morning meditation. Chart out a routine and galvanize yourself to action. Identify work that give you a feeling of effectiveness and fulfilment and perform such activities with passion.

Mobilizing the four key sources of energy tactfully is very important. To be fully alive means to be physically stimulated, emotionally linked, mentally absorbed, and spiritually aligned. Managing your energy will help you to perform effectively under competitive pressures and deadlines. Energy is our most precious resource. It is how we get things done in life. As Aristotle put it: "We are what we repeatedly do."
I was impressed on reading the article on Manage Your Energy and Not Your Time by Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarty, and decided to put these ideas into practice. This blog is written as an inspiration.