Social Capital

Financial Capital talks “$$$$”,  Human Capital speaks  “Knowledge, Skills and Experience” and what does Social Capital say???

Linkedln, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube have woven its way into most people’s lives. To add on to our online attractions, we now have Pinterest, Instagram. These social networks are formed among buddies, team mates, neighbours, family, relatives, clients, acquaintances, and other interest groups.

Ideas, information, opportunities, financial assistance, support, trust and goodwill are the resources available in such relationships. The central premise is that social networks have value. Social capital emphasises that the so called resources can never be exclusively owned and reside only in networks of relationships. Hence it is important to have real and authentic relationships.

Social capital is built over time and accrues from time spent together. The sense of mutuality and our willingness to share help us build strong relationships. It is thus essential to build a meaningful relationship with people of diverse occupations and knowledge to inspire meaning into your network. A network of good relationship boosts business performance and brings happiness and meaning to our life.

“You can only get what you want, if you help others get what they want ~ Zig Ziglar”