Human Resource changed to Happy Relations

Stationary, machine, properties are all resources used in an organization, so it is right to classify PEOPLE, the integral asset of the organization as a RESOURCE? To some people, the name suggests that the department is the resource to employees but few comment that the name says employees are assets of the organization. Either way the name does not fully capture the way this department serves the company and its people. Hence it is time to consider changing the department’s name. Are you ready for rebranding? Why not rebrand the division to “Happy Relations”? Do you think rebranding will bring a positive change to people's outlook towards the department?

A better relationship between HR and the rest of the business is needed. People should feel comfortable to approach the HR’s door to discuss their problems, get their issues resolved and most importantly have a feeling they matter. It is important to build confidence and trust so that employees and managers feel excited to approach the HR team for unbiased service and advice.

The HR department is an essential part of a successful company. Human Resource is all about people. The main role of this team is to hire the right people with great values for the right job. The core of an effective HR department is about specializing in its people and making their lives better. This department is increasingly responsible for creating an environment where employees are engaged and are ready to put in more effort than what is actually asked for. They are responsible to create effective ways to connect with the employees. Along with making and enforcing policies, their major focus should be to make people in the organization happy and to create the work environment a great place to be. If rebranding the division to “Happy Relations” can bring positive vibes, can change the attitude of employees and managers towards the department and create a healthier, happier, productive and amazing company; do not hesitate. The new name leaves the abbreviation “HR” as it is. The name “Happy Relations” is inviting.  It sends a message that the goal of the department is to help people do their jobs better and to keep them happy. This rebranding may re-energize and elevate the HR department and create an even better and happier workplace.