Winners and Losers

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “History is written by the winners” . Successful people have always been praised and applauded by the society. Success and Victory have become the most powerful words in this competitive world. The rewards of winning are many - you are liked and admired by people, you win respect in society, you receive awards and perks, and above all, success makes your life more fulfilling and happy. “Success”, “Winner”,“Victory” these sound cool but how did the so called ‘successful people’ succeed?

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb after continuously failing 1000 times. The world’s most successful people have failed. From Thomas Edison, to the sports legends and business mavericks of today have experienced massive failures before they found fame and fortune. To succeed in life, you have to embrace failures. Because Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat”- Malcolm S. Forbes. Stories of failures are never preached or rewarded. Unlike Edison, common man tries to avoid the prospect of failures in life.  People try to play safe and never attempt to take risks. Failures are life’s greatest teachers.

Life is a journey of unknown paths. You should determine your destination and take the right road to succeed. It is this drive to SUCCEED that motivates us. ‘Success’ is the core of everything we do in our life. But we need to understand that life is not a mere game to win or lose. The ultimate goal in life is happiness. Success is the self- satisfaction you get by doing your best.  As Sylvester Stallone rightly said, “I believe there’s an inner power that makes winners or losers. And the winners are the ones who really listen to the truth of their hearts.” So place trust in your purpose and believe in what you are trying to accomplish. If you make an effort to do the best of your ability, you will be the best wherever you are.  Pursue excellence in all phases of your lives and be prepared for adversities. You have to learn and grow from failures and use all your strength to propel forward. A willingness to take on failure, embrace it and learn from defeats will make you highly successful in life.

Success and Failure go hand in hand for everyone, but great leaders and successful people always responded to failures positively. So when you face a setback, you have to develop the courage to keep going. Do not run away from failures instead drive yourself towards the highway to success.

Winners never quit and quitters never win - Vince Lombardi